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  • Jeff Young
    Jeff Young
    Best Man
    I have known Jeff most of my life in NC. He is how I met many of my closest friends. In high school, we would absolutely never race back from lunch or listen to Adam Sandler cassette tapes. Sports have always been a big part of our friendship. In basketball, I was the outside threat and Jeff the enforcer. Seems fitting he is now a police officer. He is a great friend, always there for you no matter what. I am honored he is my Best Man but also to be the Godfather of his baby girl. The movie quotes are NEVER going to get old.
  • Matt Maness
    Matt Maness
    Future Brother-in-law
    I have known Matt as long as I have known Julie. Scratch that, I remembered him from summer camp but not Julie - please don't tell her. He is a true outdoorsman. He will camp, fish, and backpack through just about any condition. We have fished in cold weather where my hands were frozen solid and he is still "captain tying knots." The guy builds boats by hand, what more can I say! Definitely call him if you want to catch some trout! He knows the fish by name.
  • Bryan Boykin
    Bryan Boykin
    Good Friend
    I have known Bryan since middle school. This guy was into alternative sports before there were trendy x-games. Even though I never got the BMX thing down we have mastered the snowboarding day trip. Hang in there buddy, knees heal. There is always next season. We were roommates, strangely, living in Julie's Parent's neighborhood when Julie and I reconnected. He had to endure new love. Thanks for toughing it out, bro.
  • Curt Heinsohn
    Curt Heinsohn
    Good Friend
    Curt is driven and focused on his goals, whatever they may be. Not shocking that he is one of my friends with the most diplomas. He is charismatic and funny, always keeping me laughing. The infamous Curtis Shuffle is sure to make an appearance at the wedding. Get excited! You will know it when you see it.
  • Derek Lane
    Derek Lane
    Good Friend
    As soon as Derek got a hold of an Arnold Swarchenegger workout book, he never turned back. Since I met him, he has increased 3 bra sizes but didn't realize he needed bigger T-shirts. He always gets me in trouble but it's probably just payback. "Is this your sequin?" Thankfully we survived because Derek is a valuable friend who gives great advice and is always willing to listen. He is also working hard to keep his title of the most diverse education. You will rule the world in no time, buddy.
  • Nick Morris
    Nick Morris
    Good Friend
    Ah, Nick, my UNC lad! This is only a problem during basketball season. GO DUKE! He is my tech savvy, car guy, disc golf playing, Chapel Hill adventure seeker. He has been under the hood and engine of my truck with me more than once. Thanks guy! He is an opinionated and devoted friend who defends them both valiantly. Definitely happy to have this guy around.
  • Matt Mackey
    Matt Mackey
    Good Friend
    GREENBELT!! I met Matt at UPS working on Greenbelt. We loaded trucks together during college long before we became friends. Lucky for him, he met me again with all the fellas. He wins for the most dedicated NC State fan, aside from Julie's mother, and Mets Fan I have ever met. Go BRAVES. There is never a dull moment with Mooshu on board. He is also a fellow non-facebooker, fight the power!
  • Mark Finley
    Mark Finley
    Good Friend
    Finley is the only one I know who travels with a picture of me clipped to their car sun visor. I believe it is the 10lb largemouth bass he is admiring but that is hard to say. He is the grill master extraordinaire; food always cooked to perfection. He is also my early morning fishing partner and one of the few reasons I will get up at that time on a weekend. Our who caught the bigger fish contest will never end!
  • Sean Reed
    Sean Reed
    Good Friend
    I met Sean many years ago in Raleigh. He was always the one to rally and get our group of friends together. It seemed fitting to have at least 5 farewell parties when he moved to Charleston. Bogart's was never the same. Sean and I used to say we were brothers when we would go out. It always worked, some of the time. With twin boys and another on the way he will have his work cut out for him! He almost has his 3 man tournament team. Way to go, big Daddy, Reed!
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  • Sara Moody
    Sara Moody
    Matron of Honor

    I had the good fortune of also playing this exciting role in Sara's wedding. Some call it an honor, others call it payback. We only met in 2007, but what we lack in years was made up eons ago through time together, IM, texts, and phone calls. Once I forbid her from calling me unless she was announcing an engagement. Thankfully it happened. The time apart was painful. With Sara by my side, I can survive anything. Two self-planned elaborate barn weddings!?! Crazy or extraordinary? We are definitely meant for each other.

  • Shannon Wooten
    Shannon Wooten
    Future Sister-in-law

    Shannon is marrying my brother, Matt, 2 months, 8 days, and 23 hours after my wedding. I love Shannon! We were sisters well before it was legit. Now that I have the almost legit title, I don't bring many clothes when we visit. I am pretty sure that is what sisters do. We already fight over closet space so I know we are the real thing! She is my friend, my travel companion, my girl up for anything, my sister, and she chose skydiving over a handbag - of course she holds a very special place in my heart!

  • Shannon Myers
    Shannon Myers
    Future Sister-in-law

    Another sister! I am spoiled rotten with these Myers girls. Had I realized this is how it worked, I would have married Sammy long ago. Shannon was my best summer friend in 5th grade even if my main goal was to get close to Sammy. I'm sure she appreciated my ambition even if it was her brother. Eww gross, cooties! What a hilarious story and having it in a diary is priceless! She is truly one of a kind and I look forward to a lifetime of having one another's back.

  • Mandy Finney
    Amanda Finney
    Good Friend
    Mandy is the softie, don't let her tell you otherwise. Her birthday is my favorite day of the year because I am positive she is catching up. We have a friendship that is unbreakable. For a while it was just the 3 of us girls, Mandy, Brit, and Me, and our huge group of fellas in Chapel Hill. Please note, Mandy and I dominated the poker table. We were all destined to be best friends. Once I even used her pregnancy to make Sammy buy me ice cream! She now lives in Charleston but it gives a great reason to head to the beach all summer.
  • Britney Wallace
    Good Friend
    10yrs ago, Brit wondered if I was just another girl entering the mix. Guess I showed her! It's hard to wrap my mind around all we have experienced. All the trips, parties, farewells, concerts, birthdays, random girlfriends, and weddings. We may be responsible for 92% of the get-togethers. She is indescribably kind and thoughtful and represents such a constant in my life. I cannot picture my wedding day without her by my side in a matching hot pink dress, ruffle pumps, and hair bow! Now if only she would build my house!
  • Dianne Martinez
    Dianne Martinez
    Good Friend
    I definitely rely on our friendship. Dianne is funny, thoughtful, and loves to call me CLASSY! Fooled her! We look to one another for advice, support, and maybe even the occasional information exchange. Never gossip, no way! We say it like it is and we always look out for one another! She can keep a conversation going like nothing I have ever experienced. D taught me the importance of making time for the ones who count and ensuring they know just how much they are appreciated. She is very special to me!
  • Elizabeth Barber
    Good Friend
    I think a big part of a strong friendship is knowing each other. Liz and I have nailed that one. She is another big constant in my life and we just seem to always work. Low maintenance, easy going, catch-up on a run kind of friend. 10 years later, we still seek advice, speak candidly about absolutely any topic under the sun, and, most importantly, get up before the sun rises to hit the pavement. That means something! Liz is definitely my #1 motivator!
  • Jan Milani
    Jan Milani
    Good Friend
    I have found such a unique friendship in Jan these last few years. We make a great team! She is the perfect blend of rational and, we'll just call it, cockamamie. She pushes me in a positive way, shows respect, encourages, but also yields caution when needed. Without fail, her sense of humor, quirks, and genuine kindness lighten my mood. She is the big sis I never had! Like the kind that always knows about all the cool stuff first and lets you borrow her clothes or toothbrush. We are just that tight!
  • Joli Stockwell
    Joli Stockwell
    Good Friend
    What would I do without my Jols! She radiates enthusiasm! I cherish our real Jols-Jules time. We might as well have our own language or secret handshake. Watch out! I definitely need one of those heart necklaces, broken through the middle, with our names on it. She is definitely on my top list of girls up for anything! Once we decided we wanted to be boxing chicks and took lessons. I won't tell you what kept us going. Also, I have never met a girl who honks her car horn more. Seriously, it is unbelievable.
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Saturday, June 8, 2013
4:30 pm


Our celebration will take place at the beautiful home of
Jan and Dean Milani, in Willowbend Plantation.
The address is 97 Steeple Chase Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27517.

The ceremony will be on the front lawn followed by a poolside cocktail hour. The reception dinner is at the Millcreek Barn, located right next to the ceremony site, just a short walk away.


For our out of town guests, fly into the Raleigh/Durham International Airport
(airport code RDU).

Aloft (Recommended) 919-932-7772 and Holiday Inn Express 919-489-7555, are offering special rates for our wedding weekend.
Please call the hotel directly and ask for the Maness/Myers block.

A shuttle will be arranged for those interested in transportation to the ceremony/reception site. Pick-up and drop-off times will be updated closer to the wedding date.

Chapel Hill spring weather is typically warm (low 80s), but could get chilly once the sun goes down. The ceremony will be outside and the reception will be inside, but be sure to bring a sweater or light jacket just in case.

If you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to email us at


My Registry

Dear friends and family,

We love all of you deeply, and are so blessed that you would want to honor us with gifts to start our new life together. We are really not very good at this but here it goes and thank you so much! :)

We have registered using a site called We also added Macy's and REI if the site above blows your technological mind or comfort zone :). If you do notice something on our list that you have creatively learned to do without, please give us your feedback (we are still rookies).

All our love,

Julie & Sammy